Pre-Bikini Wax Numbing Cream Products – BareEASE

Smooth, feminine, sassy, beautiful and confident! This could be you! This is why women wax, right? Fortunately, our goal is to aim for a painless waxing experience with our PRE wax numbing cream BareEASE, prep kit that numbs your skin before your bikini or Brazilian wax.

The BareEASE contains three items, so you can prevent the pain and anxiety associated with your “down there” hair removal treatment:

  1. a latex panty (available in small/medium or medium/large size)
  2. a tube of pain-relieving cream in which lidocaine is the active ingredient
  3. an instruction pamphlet providing directions or applying the cream.

BareEASE numbs your skin before your hair removal treatment for a safe, effective and discrete experience.
The BareEASE panty isolates the pain-relieving cream to desired areas, providing a barrier to maximize medicinal impact and protect your clothing. Its design delivers a numbing effect with less medication, reducing the risk of potential side effects. And, as the product works discreetly beneath your clothing, your daily routine is uninterrupted as you prepare for your hair removal treatment!

This pre- bikini wax numbing cream was produced by Edna Ma, M.D., a physician who understands the pain associated with bikini waxing and other hair removal treatments. A combination of a garment and medication, BareEASE is your perfect waxing prep partner: safe, effective, and easy to use.

The history of Numbing Cream Products

Numbing cream products such as wax numbing cream may only be popular now, but such products have actually been used over 10 years ago. The first numbing cream products were intended for hemorrhoids, piercing and tattooing. Just like other numbing products, their active ingredient was lidocaine, a local anesthetic that locks the sensory neurons, thereby numbing the skin and making tattooing and piercing virtually painless.

Soon after, a lot of different numbing cream products were developed for various painful but sometimes necessary procedures such as waxing. And today, we further innovate such products by bringing you our pre- wax numbing cream: BareEASE, the first and only garment-based numbing system for bikini waxing. Safe, effective, and easy to use.

Why BareEASE? There are many numbing options on the market. Look at the active ingredients. Is the same ingredient used in cold sore medications? Would you wash your hair with toothpaste? Likely your answers were yes and no. Try BareEASE and experience the difference.

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