Frequently Asked Questions about your BareEASE “Ouchless” Bikini Kit

Being a goddess, you’ve most likely had a bikini wax before. And you’ve no doubt told yourself you’ll never return to the salon if it means enduring all that pain! Let’s face it – we women suffer for vanity (high heels, Botox and push up bras, to name just a few examples), and the bikini wax can be among the most painful. Good news, goddesses. With BareEASE, you can now substitute your waxing nightmares for a pain-free waxing delight! You’ll experience the newest and most innovative way of numbing the skin BEFORE removing the hair “down there.” You’ll be smiling before, during and after your waxing!

Easy to Use
Your BareEASE kit includes a conditioning and moisturizing cream that also numbs your skin for a pain-free bikini wax. It is so easy to use. Just apply the cream to the desired area for a maximum of 30-45 minutes prior to waxing, then slip into the included pair of latex panty. The panty works two ways: to cover the bikini area and to keep your clothes mess-free. So even your panty will be multitaskers!

As a woman, Dr. Edna is familiar with the pain that women undergo during a bikini wax. Inspired by her personal experience, she decided to create a product that would help women bypass the pain of waxing completely. An anesthesiologist by profession, Dr. Edna used her expertise in anesthesiology to create a cream that enables women to have a pain-free bikini wax. The result is a cream that desensitizes “down there” so your bikini wax is as painless as possible. It is safe to be used on all skin types, as long as you are not allergic to latex or lidocaine, the active ingredient. Some pregnant women have even used BareEASE, as long as their OB doctor agrees.

Due to BareEASE’s numbing ingredient, women say that they felt no stinging or throbbing sensation during their procedure, making it the most painless bikini wax they’ve ever experienced. BareEASE enables women to experience their routine bikini wax without pain or anxiety.

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